Why Choose Us

Hey Y'all and you Yinzers! 

Allow Us to introduce ourselves...  

             We are Joeina Candles owned and operated by a Husband-and-wife Power duo!  Joseph “Joe” and Catina “ina”.  Joined together a long time ago from small towns in Pennsylvania and Georgia who now reside in Florida. We love to have fun, working together(sometimes) and Candles!  That is why Joeina Candles was born.

Mission statement 

Our goal is to be the first Candle company that you think of for ALL Occasions. Our attention to quality and unique scents will transform any room to your very own utopia.

Why Choose Us

  • Ecofriendly, Clean burning (Phthalate Free)
  • Biodegradable wax 
  • We pour in small batches that are hand poured and labeled by hand
  • Our ingredients are simple: soy wax, wick, premium fragrances  
  •  No dyes (any coloring is from fragrance oil) 
  • Containers are Reusable... Just clean with hot soapy water

  • About Joe

     Hi, my name is Joseph “Joe” the “yinzer” from a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Yes, I love football, Go Steelers!! I am the certified(self) numbers guy. The “Brains” of the operation. I can produce formulas in my sleep, I know every penny spent (even when my wife doesn’t show me receipts), and I keep the IRS out of our pockets.


  • About Catina

                Hi, my name is Catina “ina” the Southern Belle from Athens, GA.  Did Joe say he is the “Brains”? (smh) Guess, that makes me the beauty. However, I am the creator, visionary, and designer.  So, we all know who the real brain is. #Brains and beauty.  I like my candles like I like my sweet tea strong and extra sweet.

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